How to find a freelance developer with Box API experience?

Hi Box Developer Community! My company is looking to engage a freelance developer to assist with an API integration between Box and our Salesforce CRM, as well as uploading files to Box via API. Our question is where to find developers that have experience with the Box API and are available for a short term project like ours. LinkedIn is our usual source but is not good at searching for experience with a particular software like Box. A colleague suggested Fiverr as a possible source for this specialized talent. Any ideas from this Box Dev community would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @mcannella,

Welcome to the forum, love this request!

This forum is a good place to start, I know there are a few freelancers present here, sometimes they are a bit shy, but lets see what happens. Perhaps they ping you via private message, we’ll see.

Freelance platforms like Fiver are a good place to look into since they cover a lot of professionals. As for the skill set, I would be more concerned on the SalesForce side, Box API is fairly straightforward, and any developer should be able to get results quickly. Well, I’m obviously biased and don’t know your use case, so take it with a grain of salt.

If in the mean time you feel you’re not getting any results, ping me back and we can discuss other options.

Best regards