How to Implement Box UI Elements a LWCs for Experience Cloud

I wanted to answer a question from one of our Community Roundtable members @NLeo here in the forums so that others may benefit from the approach.

Question from @NLeo:

How can we load Content Explorer and Content Uploader UI Elements in Experience Cloud?

Here are you current options:

  1. Wait a few weeks until our team releases UI Elements for Experience Cloud within our managed package.

  2. You can leverage a screenflow and drag and drop the existing Ltn components within a screen. The downside to this approach is that you’ll need to run the screenflow as the Box service account and will not show up the Experience/Community user performing the Box actions.

  3. I have an open source community project that can be modified for your specific use case. I would treat this as a starter and by no means as production-ready unmanaged package:

If your timelines are flexible Option 1 is the obvious choice. Option 2 isn’t my favorite, but if you don’t have strict requirements on auditing, it can work. Option 3 can still be an option if your requirements are very complex.

Let me know if that helps or if you have any further questions on getting the custom approach working.