How to use rclone with Box?

Can rclone be used with a free Box account? Are there any reliable instructions for setting up rclone to access Box? (I’m finding a lot of guides that do not work).

Hi @counterpoint

I think RClone used OAuth 2.0 authentication, so yes it should work.

I’m assumin you followed this doc…

Where is it failing?

Thanks. Yes, I tried to follow that, but it says to skip the first questions. However, rclone insists that they are mandatory. And the terms don’t correspond to terms used by Box. No combination I have tried works.

Thanks, I have solved the problem - my mistake. It does work. The issue is that rclone config lists possible storage options, but the early ones disappear off the top of the screen. Documentation I’ve seen showed Box as item 6, but it is now item 8. I made the wrong choice.


When Box terminated support for WebDav, rclone became almost the only option for Linux users.

So we are happy to help anyway we can.

They are working in enhancing the support, take a look at this post:

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