I deleted the application without removing the public key, now what?

I misconfigured my application within developers.box.com and deleted it to create another one and start the correct configuration. When deleting the app, I forgot to remove the public key from my bubble.io app.

When creating a new application, I can no longer use the public key of my bubble.io application because it says that it is being used. However, I no longer have access to the application that I deleted on developers.box.com to remove the public key.

How to resolve this?

Hi @user111 welcome to the forum!

bublle.io can’t possible know if the application exists within box.com or not.

There has to be some other way of reconfiguring bubble.io, perhaps it means it is being used inside bubble.io?


I meant that I created an application within developers-box-com and put the public key of my application created in bubble-io. After that, I deleted the application created within developers-box-com. My public key got stuck inside the deleted application on the developers-box-com platform and I can no longer use it. I need someone from the company Box.com to delete my public key so that I can configure it again on the developers.box.com platform.

Hi @user111

When you deleted the box application in Box.com, they public key was deleted with it.

What I am trying to say is that bubble has no way of verifying if a public key is being used inside box.com

So there must be another setting where your public key is being mentioned inside bubble.

You public key inside box.com has been deleted.


my publickey was not removed, it was stuck in the deleted application.

I tried adding it again and the box-com keeps saying it can’t be used.

Hi @user111 , now it makes sense.

From your description it sounded that it was from the bubble side.

You’re trying to re-use a public key generated somewhere else in your box JWT app.

I completely forgot about this security “feature”.

You application configurations are gone, I’m not sure if support can undelete your app, but you’re welcome to open a support ticket.

The easiest way would be to generate a new public key, from your private key.

Can you/bubble?

Let us know


In Bubble there is no way to generate another public key, it is fixed and not editable.

In order for me to be able to use Box.com I need someone from support to delete my public key that was configured in the application that deletes it inside the box.

If this is not done, I will no longer be able to use the BOX service.

How and where do I open a support ticket? Is there an email? a ticket panel? I didn’t find anything.


Following back up here - Can you confirm the email address attached to your box account or the client id of the application that was deleted?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate

Login E-mail box account: app.gogti@gmail.com

Alright! I believe we have removed the previous sec key from the older app.

However, your Box instance is a free account which doesn’t have the ability to approve JWT applications due to lack of access to the admin console. In order to use JWT apps, you’d need to upgrade to a business plan or above.

Thanks for stepping in @smartoneinok, much appreciated.

@user111 are you all set?