Integrating into my React application

Hello everyone,
I’m integrating into my React application. When I redirect users to this URL
for Box login,

const boxAuthUrl = `${encodeURIComponent(CLIENT_ID)}&redirect_uri=${encodeURIComponent(BOX_REDIRECT_URI)}

i’m facing an issue with some accounts. Often, when the user is redirected, they end up at a different URL.

How can I resolve this issue? Can anyone help?

Hi @user135

I have this behavior when I’m developing in my machine and I have another box account logged in the browser.

Log out from box or close the browser.

Not sure if this is your use case, let us know


Hello @rbarbosa
This issue occurs when a user’s account has two-step verification enabled, sometimes it redirects to this URL. How can i fix this issue?

Hi @user135

If I’m understanding the problem, it should work just the same, the problem seems to be the multiple cookies and sessions.

Here is a video of a python sample app testing OAuth 2.0 authorization:

Let us know if this helps.