Introducing: Email Suppression APIs and Extended Webhook Support!

We are excited to introduce enhancements to the Box Sign API with the ability for developers to suppress email notifications sent to signers requesting their signature. This allows organizations to create their own signature request notifications for signers, enabling them with the ability to white label the signing experience for their signers.

We also enhanced webhook support for Box Sign with new webhooks, including:

  • Signature requested: A signature request related trigger that is sent once documents have been successful sent for signature.
  • Signer signed: An event triggered when a signer has completed a signature request.
  • Error finalizing: A signature request related trigger that is sent if there any issues with merging signatures.

Example use cases include the ability to leverage SMS notifications rather than email notifications and the ability for organizations to deliver signature requests notifications to signers using their own white-labeled delivery method.

Our new Box Sign webhooks, combined with the ability to suppress notifications, give developers complete control over how their application notifies users that their signature is requested within a business process.

Note: When you choose to suppress Box email notifications, your organization assumes responsibility for ensuring the delivery of all Box Sign notifications at the appropriate time in the signing process and with the appropriate content, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including with respect to obtaining signer consent to the delivery methods used, if applicable.