Is it possible to get the Sync Status of all my box users through the API?

I am attempting to determine how many of my users are not properly syncing so I can proactively reach out and help fix them.
Is there a method or status on each client that I can get that may say when they last synched and if there were any errors?

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Thanks for posting on the forum! Unfortunately it is not a current feature of Box Drive to have any sort of API sync status. You can add a feature request on Box Pulse!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

Thanks for that. Do you know if there is a way on the client I could do by looking at the machine remotely? (ie status file, registry key, etc.)

I am not aware of anything like that. According to the Box Drive team, the system uses the events api as the mechanism to trigger the syncing. It just waits and updates content based on what the event stream shows.

This gets down to what I am really after. What I have found in testing is that once a file is errors doing a sync it would appear that nothing short of touching that file again would sync the file. If I am doing this on 2 machines then I have created a conflict. I need to know which files are in conflict so I can reach out to those clients and help them resolve their conflicts if possible.
I thought if I could identify the clients that have an error in sync, perhaps I could even programmatically force box to attempt a sync on all files just to ensure the error is real or was caused by a temporary outage.