Is there any way to differentiate file locks created with an OAuth2.0 Application

Is there any way to differentiate the two types of file locks, as explained below??

  1. A user can manually lock a file.
  2. A user can click the custom application’s web-integration and it can lock the file using BOX-APIs.

I have a custom application with OAuth2.0 and Web Integrations.
OnClick of a web-integration, I use node-sdk (Initialised with user’s auth-code) to lock the file.

Later, I used the search API to get all files in the folder., Is there any way to identify the files locked via my application, using NodeSDK?

I want to unlock them only, if it is locked by the application itself.

I couldn’t find anything to achieve this. Can you help me find a workaround for this?? Is there any fields in lock object, that i can re-purpose for this use-case?

Thanks, Sarin

@rbarbosa can you please help me here?

Hi @ostefaniuk, @smartoneinok @pchristensen @rbarbosa,

My apologies for tagging you here, but I need your help on this.
Please help me resolve this tricky situation.

Thanks, Sarin