Issue Signing in Within Embedded Widget (Firefox)

I created an Embedded widget and included it into a page. The shared link that is used for the widget is restricted to users with access. When I need to sign in, it opens a new tab, I sign in and it refreshes the original widget. However, when it refreshes, it still asks to sign in. This issue only happens in Firefox. I have cleared my cache and cookies, tried using a different Box environment for the shared link, used Firefox on a server (separate from my local machine) and tried rebooting. None of these have worked. However, I do believe that it was working at some point and then within the widget, I tried to sign out of my account. Ever since then it hasn’t worked. However, I don’t know if this is a cause/coincidence or mis-remembering how it was working before. It doesn’t seem like logging out within the widget would cause it to break for different Box environments and different servers. I have included a screenshot of the view I see before and after it refreshes