Java sdk Classification

I’m using the java sdk to add an enum option to the classification.
However, I can’t fill in the “classificationDefinition” and “colorID” arguments using the following code:

public JSONObject addEnumOption(String enumOptionKey, String key, String classificationDefinition, float colorID)
    JSONObject classificationObject = new JSONObject()
        .put("classificationDefinition", classificationDefinition)
        .put("colorID", colorID)
        .put("isTrialClassification", true);
    JSONObject staticConfigObject = new JSONObject()
        .put("classification", classificationObject);
    JSONObject dataObject = new JSONObject()
        .put("key", key)
        .put("staticConfig", staticConfigObject);
    JSONObject jsonObject = new JSONObject()
        .put("op", "addEnumOption")
        .put("fieldKey", "Box__Security__Classification__Key")
        .put("enumOptionKey", enumOptionKey)
        .put("data", dataObject);
    return jsonObject;        

            JSONObject jsonObject = new FieldOperation().addEnumOption("TEST","test","test",4);
            updates.add(new MetadataTemplate.FieldOperation(jsonObject.toString()));  
            return MetadataTemplate.updateMetadataTemplate(boxAPI.getAPI(), boxAPI.getScope(), Metadata.CLASSIFICATION_TEMPLATE_KEY, updates);

I’ve seen that it’s possible in our language like Node or curl. Do you know when this feature will be available for java?


Hi @arthurS20

Thanks for your question, I created a PR, we will let you know when the new version of Box SDK released.



Hi @mcong ! Thx for you response

Do you know when the next release is scheduled ?

Hi @arthurS20

The new version of Box Java SDK has just been released.

Please take a look.