Just wonder if anybody develops in .Net?

We plan to develop a Box app using .Net. But apparently, .Net seems to be not a popular option based on the traffic here. Are there any reasons for that?

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Hello @tmai, this is a brand new site. Welcome! We definitely have some .NET devs here. I’m a .NET dabbler myself. hahaha

Did you have a question or just looking to hang out with other .NETters?

We try to avoid the “less traveled paths” and the amount of traffic for the .Net seems quite low. Furthermore, we often consult with ChatGPT while coding and so far all the suggestions from ChatGPT didn’t work (it probably could not collect enough hits to learn about the API. We have tried some coding in .Net and the API seems to be very low-level (For example, giving a path such as /level1/level2/file12.txt, how to find the file ID. Seems obvious, but will need to jump a few hoops to get the answer). Furthermore, we still work with tech support to setup the CLI interface to work correctly. Anyway, look forward to interact with other netters here.

Thank you for your response, @tmai, we definitely look forward to building out this site. Feel free to share some of your lessons learned here to help others, and of course, if you have questions, definitely let us know!

Hello @shurrey,

I am new to Box api, I need to download file from Box to .Net application and save data to Db. Could you please provide me steps or sample code link on this ?


@tmai, both the .Net and Java SDK’s are the most used SDK’s by developers integrating with the Box platform, by far. So you’re in good hands there.

You see a lot of Python examples, because at some point we had very few, and that perception that Python being simpler, it’s easier to use it to demonstrate Box platform concepts, and hopefully being able to reach more developers independently of the stack they use.


I’ve answered in your other post, but for the benefit of others reading this thread, here is a link to some samples: