Login from box cli on cmd only linux machine

Hi, we are trying to setup box cli from redhat based operating system but it has no ui, when we try to login from cli we supposed to get pop up page for confirmation, how we should handle it in no ui linux?

can anyone please verify that it is not supposed to be used on “no ui” linux environments?

Hi @a.ahmadzada1998 ,

During the OAuth 2.0 flow, users are redirected to their browser to authenticate and then authorize the application to take actions on their behalf.
So unfortunately UI is required here and without it, the OAuth authorization process is not possible. https://developer.box.com/guides/cli/quick-start/install-and-configure/


Hi again @a.ahmadzada1998,

I want to clarify one thing. To authenticate using boxcli, you can use a method other than OAuth. The CLI also supports JWT and CCG, which work just as efficiently as OAuth and do not require a UI.

Here is a description of how to configure box cli using JWT: https://developer.box.com/guides/cli/cli-docs/jwt-cli/.

Additionally, I recommend also reviewing this documentation: https://github.com/box/boxcli/blob/main/docs/authentication.md, where all authentication methods are described.

I hope this helps you!