Mac OS 10.11 App crash with Box SDK

Hello Developer Team,

We are integrating it in our existing Mac OS Store Desktop App. It’s running fine for the Mac OS X Version >= 10.12. But app crashes on OS X El Capitan Is Box supported on Mac OS X El Capitan?

Hello @sudhir, which SDK are you using?

Hello @shurrey We are using pod ‘OAuthSwift’ - import OAuthSwift,
Please advise.

Thanks for getting back to me @sudhir. We have the supported versions listed here:

iOS 11.0+ / Mac OS X 10.13+ / tvOS 11.0+ / watchOS 4.0+

So looks like El Capitan is no longer supported.

Thanks for the reply @shurrey . Can it be dynamically loaded on base of OS, as we are currently supporting El Capitan in our App?

Good question… would something like this work: