Marker-Based Pagination w/ PythonSDK

Hello community,

Is there a way to use the Marker-Based Pagination with Python SDK? I’m currently trying to perform a search that will exceed the 10.000 limitation for the ‘offset’ property. Therefore, I’m trying to perform it with a marker-based object collection but haven’t found any documentation on how to perform the search with Python scripting.

I would really appreciate your help upon this matter.
Thanks in advance!

thanks for reaching us. Unfortunately marker based pagination is not supported for search endpoint. Please take a look at the guide:

Hi Isocha,

Thanks for the qucik reply. Is there any other way in which I could use marker-based pagination with Python SDK?

for the endpoints that support marker-based pagination, corresponding methods usually have use_marker flag, which can enable maker-based pagination for you. Example: box-python-sdk/boxsdk/object/ at 5a7c767deea0c0cafb6997d2d96819b724cd8a59 · box/box-python-sdk · GitHub.