New blog: How to recursively upload a folder to Box using Python

Hi folks,

Check out the new blog article:

When uploading files recursively, we also need to check if the folders and files already exists, because the user may upload an entire folder a second and third time.

Take a look at this example, where we use the prefilght_check to verify if the file can be accepted, and decide if we are uploading a new file or creating a new version of an existing one.

Here is something to whet your appetite:

def main():
    """main app demo"""
    settings = get_settings()

    # check if sample folder exist and create them if not
    sample_folder = check_sample_folders(settings.sample_folder_base_dir)

    # get a client
    service_client = box_client_get(settings.jwt_config_path)

    # get a client as user
    client = box_client_as_user_get(service_client, settings.as_user_id)

    # create a demo upload folder in root if not exists
    item = [
        for item in client.folder("0").get_items()
        if ( == settings.default_upload_folder 
            and item.type == "folder")
    if len(item) == 0:
        demo_folder = client.folder("0").create_subfolder(
        demo_folder = item[0].get()

    print("Box Python SDK - Upload Folder Demo")
    print("=" * 40)
    print(f" Uploading folder {sample_folder}")
    print("-" * 40)
    folder_upload(client, demo_folder, settings.sample_folder_base_dir)

if __name__ == "__main__":
    print("=" * 40)
    print("All done")