Can anyone explain how to make these stop? Regenerating the developer token, manually, every 60 minutes is not an option and Box tech support is, well, not.

Hello :wave:

Do you mind elaborating more on the issue you are having? I don’t have quite enough information to help you troubleshoot.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

Yes, we can talk on the phone too if need be.

We have a webhook (v2) which calls us when file uploads in a certain folder structure happens. If the file is interesting, we initiate a process which downloads the file, processes it and writes a file back to box (OAuth) for review by certain staff (using email notification) who can initiate/decline the next step in the process choreography. Works like a charm; quite impressive really.

The problem is, when they upload a file, the webhook event from box calls us and delivers a message payload containing “NO_ACTIVE_SESSION”. We can’t process the request because box suppresses the rest of the information in the webhook callback.

Took me some time to find, in your documentation, that if I manually regenerate the “developer token” for that app, the web hook delivers the proper message body payload but after 60 minutes, we are back to “NO_ACTIVE_SESSION”.

We have tried to schedule activity in the folders thinking it would keep whatever session you require open but that doesn’t work either. It always reverts back to “NO_ACTIVE_SESSION”.

We have scoured google and your tech blogs but cannot find an answer to this. The one reference in your tech logs is open ended with an entry from your tech people asking if anyone has any ideas.

We have no idea what session is even in play as the webhooks should just be calling us on chosen event triggers.

We just need to know how to reliably get the webhook content from Box.

This is what we receive:

{“type”:“webhook_event”,“id”:“970dd93c-61af-412b-a7ae-eb4d2ccf69d5”,“created_at”:“2023-09-10T09:01:11-07:00”,“trigger”:“NO_ACTIVE_SESSION”,“webhook”:{“id”:“1655499763”,“type”:“webhook”},“created_by”:{“type”:“user”,“id”:“2”,“name”:“Anonymous User”,“login”:“”},“source”:{“id”:“1298868196135”,“type”:“file”},“additional_info”:}

Thank you for the additional information. Let me look into this and get back to you!