Print Doc/Pdf file using Box-node-sdk


I’ve integrated Box into my applications and have been utilizing it for several months. Currently, I display all the files using Box URLs within an iframe. Additionally, I’ve implemented a download option using the getDownloadURL function, allowing users to download PDFs or DOC files, which they can then print using their Office 365 apps.

Our new requirement is to streamline the process by providing users with a direct print option within our application, eliminating the need to download the file first. We’ve attempted to achieve this by obtaining the download URL and employing JavaScript code for printing, but unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful.

Can you guide us to achieve this feature.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Hi @hgupta007

I’m not sure how you are displaying the files on an iframe, but now that you want to print them directly that might be a little trickier.

Are you displaying the app inside an iframe, or using box embedded?

Our UI Elements do have a print function, like for example our content preview element.

Help me understand your use case a bit better.

Hi @rbarbosa,

We are using embed url to display from that we recieve from below link:

We use the preview url from above function and put it into src of an iframe to display selected file.

Can we print files by using box-node-sdk, or do we need to install box-ui-elements?

Hi @hgupta007

You will need something that actually runs on the browser, so I don’t think the SDK will actually help you, unless I’m missing something on your use case.

The preview UI element does hava a print button that will trigger the print.

If that is not an option you can always implement your own javascript print. Perhaps opening the PDF on another tab and trigger the browser print?