Python Workshops

We started to create Python workshops around the Box Platform.
The idea is to have a set of exercises any developer can do, for a hands-on exploration of the Box API.

You can find these workshops here:

In this early stage, we are looking for feedback, ideas and comments, so please drop us a line.


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Error capture and handling has always been my Achilles heel. It may be helpful to have a short workshop on how to effectively deploy error handling for the API or SDK. I’m partial to Python, but would be open to something generic that may be applied across multiple languages/methods. The “common errors” from this page have been very helpful also:


Excelent idea!

I wonder about the best format though, any suggestions?

Some of those are really hard to trigger/replicate on a controlled environment in a practical time/action. For example token expiration or rate limit.

Can you share some of the examples, conceptually, you’ve been through?


Agreed that purposefully triggering an error may be problematic in many instances. Maybe assembling the most common errors (like the top 10) and how to capture and work around them would be good. It would, at the very least, provide others with the guidance and framework they could use in diagnosing less frequent issues.

Let’s see what I can come up with.


Don’t be afraid to lean on @shurrey for support/assistance! :wink: