Request timeout on downloading via API


Getting exception

“Request timed out” since Friday 4/12 through today on downloads

using Box C# client

var stream = await client.FilesManager.DownloadAsync(BoxID);

On Saturday could not download any files

Now it seems after program start, 1 or 2 downloads in a row work fine and then it hits a wall, restarting program over and over is the short term fix.

Integration has been in place since 2020

Program has not changed lately

Can access UI fine and download files too.

Thank You!

Hi @user232, welcome to the forum!

I would urge you to open a support ticket with Box.

So, from what I can tell, I can’t open a ticket. The large partner we submit files to is a paying customer, we are not.

You can open a support ticket.

Go to the link from the previous message and make sure you are logged in.

Then navigate to the support forum

There should be a new post button:

This is my free developer account.

Let me know if you were able to create the support ticket.

Thanks, I posted an entry to the support forum