Retrieving Entire Folder Tree in a User's Box Repository

I am working on an application that requires the ability to retrieve the entire folder tree in a user’s Box repository. I am aware that Box’s API typically requires navigating the folder structure step by step.

However, I wanted to check if there have been any updates or new features introduced in the Box API that may allow for more efficient retrieval of the folder tree. Is there a specific API endpoint or method that can help me achieve this ?

Thank you

Hi @user112

Not really, sorry…

Can you tell us about your use case?

Why do you need a complete list of files and folders id’s?

There is a admin report that will create such list. Under the admin console, reports.

Would that work?


Hi @rbarbosa,

Thank you for your response. Our application, allows users to select specific folders from their repository and transfer the text content to another database or system. To do this, we need to retrieve the entire folder tree to present it to the user so they can make their selections.

Hi @user112

Interesting, is this a web application?

Would the UI Element Content Picker work for you?