Salesforce files to box

Need advice on how to pull from salesforce to box without file size limitation

So, I am going to make an assumption that you are looking for an ongoing integration that takes Salesforce ‘Files’ and places them into box.

The most Salesforce native way to do this is to use Salesforce Functions and Box’s UPLOADS (CHUNKED) . You will need to use Salesforce’s chatter api to download the file and stream it to Box.

Alternatively you could use a middleware solution that does the same thing.

The lowest tech way would be to use the data loader and scheduled job to download files into a locally synced folder. Help And Training Community
They don’t really come over well organized though.

I am tasked to integrate salesforce with Box, can you please provide some guidance/documentation regarding the integration, basically I need to send and store the salesforce reports from salesforce org to Box folder on daily basis.

Any help is much appreciated!

You would need to turn the reports into files, like Sending Report As Attachment in Salesforce | SalesforceCodex then upload them to box. The Salesforce sdk is likely the best tool to use to peform the upload natively from Salesforce.

Thank you for the quick reply. Could you please elaborate more on how to setup & use Salesforce sdk to integrate salesforce with Box.

Hi @Saravjeet

Our very own developer advocate @smartoneinok worte quite a few articles around this topic:

Quite a lot to choose from, ranging from setup, high-code, to flows, and sign features.

Let us know if this helps.

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