Sign Request API: Set the name of file

I have the box sign requests API working well (

I specify a “template_id” in our request and when the user signs, the name of the file is the name of the template file with the date/time appended to the filename (e.g. “templatefile 2024-06-13 14:54:53.161503.pdf”)

Is there a way to customize the name of the file that is created when the signing is complete? The sign_request element has a “name” object, but when I set this, it doesn’t change the filename. It DOES set the filename of the signing log, but not the file that is actually signed.

I suppose I could do a second API call to change the name, but I would like to reduce the number of calls to the API.

You could first copy the template file ( ) to a new file with the name you want, then create the sign request on the copied file. Of course, that still is an extra API call, but it’s how I do it.