Skip notification for specific user activity

Hi Box Team

I have a Box business account that has a monitoring system in place to track which files are being downloaded by each user. I would like to exclude a specific user (identified by their user ID or email address) from this monitoring system.

Is there a manual process within the Box admin console to achieve this? Or is it possible to do this programmatically via the Box API?

Please provide the steps for both the manual process and the API method, if available. I want to understand how to selectively skip monitoring for a single user while keeping it enabled for all other users.

Let me know if you need any clarification on the question. I appreciate you taking the time to provide a detailed response on how to accomplish this in Box.


Hi @box-secuvy

Help me understand that monitoring systems, are you talking about Box Shield detection rules for anomalous downloads?

Yes, I am talking about the Box Shield. (using box shield, threat protection and it admin console)

Hi @box-secuvy

I’m not finding anything, let me ask around


The only rule that has user or group based exceptions is the Suspicious Location:


You can tell us a bit more about your use case and even send a feature request to the product manager using Box Pulse.


When ever a download is done, The owner of the file gets notified using a mail that says who downloading the file.

So if in this case I want to not get those email for a specific user, Is there any way to do that.