The command to change folder owner returns 403 status


When “Restrict content creation” is enabled in the Enterprise settings, the following CLI command produces a 403 error.

$FolderID = 1234567890
$OwnerPre = 1234567891
$OwnerAft = 1234567892

$CollaborationID = box folders:collaborations:add $FolderID --as-user=$OwnerPre --role co-owner --user-id $OwnerAft --id-only
box folders:collaborations:update $CollaborationID --as-user=$OwnerPre --role owner

If I uncheck the “Restrict content creation” box, it succeeds, but is there any way to succeed with the box checked?



I’ve asked my folks about this situation, and we’re wondering if that folder move is at root level between the users.

Here is a quote from them:

And then they added:

To get around this is to either disable this setting momentarily when performing these ownership changes, or make sure that the source account where the ownership is being changed from is made a co-admin momentarily with Manage User or Manage Group permissions.

Let us know if this applies to your case.

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