The Developer Community is moving!

Hello all,

The developer community will be moving to a new platform soon! This move is being made to enable a better experience for community members, and will be the first step in moving the broader Box community into one platform. So if you’re an admin and a developer, or a partner and a developer, your community experiences will exist all in one space.

We will be migrating all users and content as of 10am ET this morning (6 May 2024). We will also be creating an archive of all posts from the former Zendesk forum, so you have access to all the historical data and if you have an account here, it should map to your account there so you will still have access to any posts or replies you have created here. We will do our best to migrate things that take place here from now until the 15th, but it will be a manual process, so apologies in advance if we miss anything.

The new site will also move to, but this URL will redirect you automatically.