Tracking User Activity on Files


I came across an article discussing the monitoring of user activity on files and the process of extracting them using the GUI.

I’m curious to know if this functionality is currently available through an API or if there are plans to make it available in the future.

Thank you!

Hi @user14 ,

Yes there is.

You can track user activity using the /events end point of the Box Platform API.

This end point provides access for an application to subscribe to any actions performed by a user or service account.

The are 2 categories of events, user and enterprise, where enterprise is more targeted to things like administration logs.

Take a look at our guide at , and let us know if this helps.


Hi @rbarbosa :wave:

Thank you for providing the guide. I reviewed the event guide you shared, but - as you mentioned - it appears to focus on user activity rather than file activity. I’m interested in file activity, similar to the Content Insight mentioned in the article.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Did you look through the Enterprise Events

There is support for things like opening, previewing, sharing, moving, etc.