Unable to establish connectivity with MicroStrategy

Hi Team,

I am planning to connect Box application using O-Auth method with a BI tool. However, while doing so I am running into some errors which should not be the case. Could someone help explain why this is happening.
Attached are few screenshot for reference.

Hi Sagar, welcome to the forum!

I don’t know much about MicroStrategy, but did find their documentation on connecting to Box.

I’m assuming you checked these:



I can try to help on the Box side, but the error screen shot you’ve sent doesn’t give much information to go on.

Let us know


Thanks for the response @rbarbosa . I have already gone through those tech articles you shared but I am struggling to understand why OAuth is breaking during this exercise. Is there a way for me to check logs on Box end to see whether an auth token was generated or not for my call?

Most likely, it appears to be some issue at transport layer.

Hi @ssahal

Sure, if you have a Box account you can create a support ticket and they will help you track that down.

You can access the support using this link: