Upload file via HTTPS without app?

Is there any way to securely upload files via HTTPS without creating an “app”? I just want a lightweight integration to post the results of a Jenkins job via curl. I don’t want to manage a complicated “app” lifecycle with admins and tokens and CORS domains and and and … surely there must be a way to do this with some kind of personal access token?

My Box organization doesn’t allow FTP. I also can’t upload securely via email since my file might transit unencrypted or 3rd-party exchanges.

Hi @big-blue-schemer, welcome to the forum.

To access Box programmatically, you will need a Box app, which will define the scope and the permissions.

An OAuth 2.0 app which does not need administrator review, but it is not suitable for a script, even the developer token, generated manually, will only last you 60 minutes.

The other two types of application, client credential grant, and json web token, are suitable for use in a script. Both CCG and JWT apps are quite strait forward to setup but they require administrator approval, for security reasons.

I don’t see a way around the administrator approval.