User Settings in Salesforce

Hi Team,
I am using Box Toolkit for Salesforce; I have authenticated one service account. But I don’t want add user account in user settings as we are having users in large number. So, we can’t add users every time.
Is there any other way of using Box Toolkit to upload files on box folder without providing user account?


As described in the install and configuration guide - each user in Salesforce is mapped to a user in Box. Thus, what a user sees in the Box window in Salesforce is based on what that user has access to in Box. The first time a user sees the Box window in Salesforce it will ask them to login. I guess theoretically you could have multiple users share one Box login - but I highly advise against that as it goes against mainstream security policies.

The managed package was built for existing users in Box to interact with content in Salesforce. That said, let me ask the engineering team if they have any ideas.

Alex, Box Developer Advocate

@user171 - do you mind giving me more details on your case? It might help me narrow down what options to provide.

We do offer the Salesforce SDK - which is different than the managed packaged/developer toolkit. It allows for complete flexibility.

We also have something now called admin delegated authorization. Which allows the process just to attached the users email address without login.