Using the "Mini Box MediaInfo Video Metadata Uploader" for image files

Hi, I’m able to get the mini-box-mediaInfo-video-metadata uploader to function and fill in metadata fields on images in my Box folder. Unfortunately, the type of metadata that it recognizes for image files isn’t complete. It doesn’t seem to capture metadata fields such as: Tags, Date taken, or any of the Camera specific metadata fields (among others). Is there a way to remedy this? Thank you!

Hi @jessblaq ,

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I haven’t played with images, and the metadata template was created with the output from a video file.

From what you describe I think it is a matter of adjusting the template for the structure that the MediaInfo outputs for images.

I remember I created the metadata template for videos directly from the output of MediaInfo, perhaps you can do the same. This is the code associated with that exercise.

Let us know if that helps.

Thanks for that! Unfortunately I’m still having difficulty with this task as I am a new user of Box/am just getting started with making custom apps. Are there any resources that can help guide me to making templates with custom fields? It seems that I’ll need to use a different tool for images because MediaInfo is suited for video not images. The python packages ‘Pillow’ and/or ‘exif-py’ seem to be useful in retrieving image metadata, but I’m not sure how to adapt these packages into your workflow. Thanks!