Want my Python app to check for existence of a file. I'm brand new to Box API

I have a tiny Python utility that checks for the existence of Autocad .dwl files every 20 seconds in about a hundred folders on my computer. Several co-workers use the same app on their computers.

The problem is the time lag between the creation of that file on one co-worker’s computer and its arrival at my computer (and those of the other guys too).

One of them suggested I could use the Box API to maybe reduce the time lag.

I’m hoping one of you might be willing to help me make the first steps if this is possible.


Hello :wave:,

Are the files being stored in Box? Or just on your computers hard drive/shared company server?

Alex, Box Developer Advocate :avocado:

The files are on Box. My little utility is on each computer scattered across the globe, literally.
So the utility is currently looking at each user’s hard drive for the existence of a .dwl file. When it sees one pop up, it notes it. When it is no longer there, it notes that.

The reason I’m interested in using the API is one of the guys suggested it would make part of the cycle a little quicker. Instead of waiting until the .dwl shows up locally, your copy of the utility would tell you when the .dwl showed up on Box.com.

Does that make sense?