What's up Box developers? I'm Alex

Hello Developers! :raised_hand: I’m Alex Novotny, a senior developer advocate here at Box. You may recognize me from our YouTube videos. :movie_camera: I’ve been at Box for almost four years now and working in software development since 2015. :desktop_computer:

It is my mission to help all of you on your journey with Box Platform. :package: We have a wealth of documentation, and all of us write tutorials regularly. I invite you to follow me on LinkedIn and Medium to stay up to date! :books:

A little about me - I live in Austin, TX. :cowboy_hat_face: I like to do woodworking and baking, both hobbies from the pandemic. I also garden some and am crossing my finger my pumpkins sprout soon. :jack_o_lantern: I have two children, and we love to take vacations together! :desert_island:

From my most recent trip to Joshua Tree :cactus:


Welcome, @smartoneinok !

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