Where are my files?

I have a question about the location of my files in BOX, I’ve created an app to work with the API to Create read and delete files, but I couldn’t find the files what I’ve created by the API.
There aren’t in my root folder and with the API I cannot see my already created folders and files. Where I can find the files what I’ve created through the API?

I don’t take care about the already created files because I must to ignore it.


Hi @kitdigital

This might be a matter of permissions.

If your application is using CCG or JWT authentication, chances are it is authenticating with the application user that gets automatically created.

Like any other user, you would need to share the content between the application user and your user.

There is another option however.

Both the CCG and JWT authentication can authenticate with your user, if configured to do so. This would eliminate the need for sharing as your application would be acting as if it were your user.

Another option is to configure your application to use OAuth authentication, which is always on behalf of a specific user.

Please confirm if this is indeed your case, and let us know if you have additional questions.

For reference you can take a look at the different authentication methods.