Where Developer Sign Up Page?

I wanted to register for a developer account from the Box page (Creating Your Developer Account – Box Support), so I clicked on the Developer Sign Up Page (https://account.box.com/signup/developer) linked on that page.

On the page after clicking, I couldn’t find the section that would allow me to become a Developer, and instead, the usual sign-up page for a regular account was displayed.

I would like to develop and test Box applications, but it seems I cannot do that with a Personal account. Could you please provide guidance on how I can proceed with development?


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Hi @phssakaigawa,
Thank you for posting your question. Please checkout this thread, you can find steps to get started developing apps using the Personal account.
Hope that helps,

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Thank you very much. I understand.

If I develop with the intention of creating and distributing this app after creating it,
Can I do this with a Personal account?

Do I need an Enterprise contract?

Not all features are available for Personal account. The full experience can be obtained with the Enterprise account. Please stay tuned, as the developers accounts will be restored soon.