Failed to run "Mini Box MediaInfo Video Metadata Uploader"

Hi Team,

I got stuck when I tried to run the script from the repository Mini Box MediaInfo Video Metadata Uploader on GitHub. I followed the README instructions step by step, and I also check the Video on YouTube.

When I ran the following command:
python3 src/ -c

I got the following error:
ImportError: cannot import name ‘appengine’ from ‘urllib3.contrib’

Can anyone help me understand why I got this? Thanks.

Hi @Genex

Welcome to the forum!

This StackOverflow details what is going on.

I’ve updated the requirements.txt to solve this issue.

As a side not, you’ll need to install the MediaInfo library in your operating system.

I’ve also modified the to include the login of the CCG user, so it is easier to share the folder with it.

In my case when I run:

$ python src/ -m 267560195015
Logged in as CCG,
Processing file: 1547069322705

Let us know if this helps

Hi @rbarbosa

The solution did work and I successfully created the metadata template. Thank you!

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