Free developer accounts are BACK!


Last year we had to disable the creation of free developer accounts due to abuses from some bad actors. You can read about it here: Free developer accounts -Please READ

I’m happy to inform that creation of free developer accounts is now back!

To create a free developer account simple navigate to the developer signup.

The main difference between the free developer account and a simple free account is that the developer version has access to the administrator console which will allow you to authorize JWT and CCG applications.

Stuck with OAuth 2.0? Not anymore!



Link you provided redirects to Will I have ‘free developer account’ if I sign up now with ‘individual type’?

I have set up non-enterprise individual account during last week and I do not have administrator dashboard available.

I’ve tried to set up ‘custom app’ with jwt, but my app has ‘enterpriseID’==0, which as I read in a issue means I cannot use jwt.

How do I upgrade from ‘simple free account’ to ‘developer account’ with admin dashboard and jwt authorization?
In ‘developer account’ with admin dashboard, will my jwt application have enterpriseID != 0?

Most likely you have accessed another box account using that browser or browser profile.

Try using an incognito session or another browser profile. You should see something like: