Hi, I'm Rui, how can I help?

Hello, and welcome to the Box Developer Community, I’m Rui Barbosa, a developer advocate at Box.

Thought out the times I’ve been a developer, trainer, tech lead, solutions engineer, but found my real passion as a developer advocate, since I both love to code and help people.

We are here to help you with whatever you’re trying to accomplish with the Box Platform.

If you want to get to know me a bit better, follow me on LinkedIn and Medium.

Outside of work I like to dive and travel (let me know about your favorite diving sites).



Looking forward to chat with you!



Wow! Great pics, @rbarbosa !

With the name “Barbosa”, I can guess the name of your motorcycle! Awesome!!!

I ride H-D, and mine will be 20 years old on June 21! Yeah, it’s a 100th anniversary edition.

Hey there @reynlds-illinois ,

Yes, the name of that motorcycle is The Black Pearl :rofl:

20 years old 100th anniversary edition?

I got to see this, pictures please!


Here we are the day I picked it up in 2003! I’ve gained a few pounds since then, and my hair/beard are a LOT longer! Just had my “spring service” and am ready for another season on the road!

Vey cool bike!

Here in the US, I have a 06 F650GS, single cylinder.

This thing feels like a tractor, very different from the smooth inline 4 of the K1200GT, but I kind of like it.

I was just “servicing” it:

Which included replacing the water pump, oil and filter change, and some more bits like replacing dashboard lights, watering the battery, etc.

Managed to get it back together, no missing parts (that I know of :rofl: )

My first bike was an old Honda that I recovered from scrap and got it running with a new stator and by replacing some seals. Yes, I had extra parts left over, but we rode it all over before donating it to one of my younger brothers. Shortly afterward I got my first H-D and never looked back! I do love the BMW style and boxer engine. Almost acquired an R1200C back “in the day”. If I could get a “new” bike right now it would be a Honda Valkyrie. I have a thing for motorcycles/cars no longer in production.

That’s you?!?!?! Short goatee. haha I have the same reaction when I see old pictures of me, sans beard.

Yeah, that’s me 20 years ago, with those stupid “cut offs” and my $600 Oakley prescription shades, which later flew off while traveling on the interstate, and were promptly crushed by an Old Dominion freighter. Luckily I had my regular glasses, and I did a lot of squinting for the rest of the trip.

Hi Rui - I’m a diver as well! Just dove Belize recently w my family. Night dive was the best.

Question: Where can I locate the Box API agreement?
Am trying to look it up for some internal legal folks and can’t seem to find it anywhere.

We have an active Box integration via the @smartvid.io domain and I need to document it please.

Thank you!
Josh Kanner
jkanner@gmail.com or josh.kanner@oracle.com

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