Offset parameter when calling /search always returns 400

I have been using the same call for some days but since a couple of days we started getting 400 responses when using offset in a /search call. For example:

{'type': 'error', 'status': 400, 'code': 'bad_request', 'context_info': {'errors': [{'reason': 'invalid_parameter', 'name': 'offset', 'message': "Invalid value '2'."}]}, 'help_url': '', 'message': 'Bad Request', 'request_id': 'gcvgk4hqlhels3di'}

The original call was to the url,description&ancestor_folder_ids=250469971042&type=folder&fields=name,description,path_collection&query=%2232%22

Are we composing the URL right?

Thanks in advance!

It seems that offset values are restricted to exact multiples of the limit value.