The grant type is unauthorized for this client_id

trying to request token from using grant type: authorization_code,
I’m getting the error “The grant type is unauthorized for this client_id”
I don’t know where to set the redirect url, I have set CORS Domains as

Add information about the configuration settings of your app. : Custom
Authentication Method : OAuth 2.0 with JSON Web Tokens (Server Authentication) (pre populated.)

Please help.

Hi @prasanna

If you are using a free account, you can’t, at the moment, use JWT authentication…

This is temporary though.


Is this a “bug” or is this just something that’s never been rolled out to the free platform users?


Not a bug at all, we used to have free developer accounts where all authentication types were fully enabled.

We had to restrict those due to an abuse incident.

Once our engineering puts in place a way to avoid this, the free developer accounts will be back.

Read the full story her:


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100% understand, and I’ve done the same thing occasionally. It’s a bit “heavy handed”, but works without issues until the work-arounds or fix(es) are in place. thanks!