Admin Streaming API JSON documentation

Hi Team,

I am working on an app integration to poll and parse Enterprise Event Stream API. I found the documentation for the list of events at the following link: :+1:

Just wondering if there is documentation that explains the JSON response document for each event as it seems to vary a little based on event - example: CONTENT_ACCESS/LOCK/UNLOCK/EDIT has additional_details field.



Thanks for the question - unfortunately, at this time we don’t have an exhaustive list of every event’s response. However, it has been on the todo list for a while.

To give you some background, each internal team manages their own event body. While this allows for engineering flexibility, it doesn’t make it easy to aggregate or streamline the data to present to developers like you!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate

Thanks Alex - no problem!

I’ve got a way to alert on ‘unhandled’ fields at the moment, and i’ll just write handlers as I discover new ones. Just thought I would ask!