Auth Error: Please check the 'sub' claim. The 'sub' specified is invalid. [400 Bad Request] invalid_grant - Please check the 'sub' claim. The 'sub' specified is invalid.

var sdkConfig = require(‘…/…/config/0_l3tozglf_config.json’);
var sdk = BoxSDK.getPreconfiguredInstance(sdkConfig);

        // var client = sdk.getAppAuthClient('enterprise');
        var client = sdk.getAppAuthClient('user', '32656874023');

        const parentFolderID = '0';
        const folderName = 'New Folder';
        let create_folder = await client.folders.create(parentFolderID, folderName)

Hi @carol.webskitters , welcome to the forum!

Looks like you are using a JWT configured application, and instead of using the service account you are trying to login as a user.

Most likely you are missing some security scopes in your app configuration. Make sure these are on:

Another error that I’m always making is forgetting to re-authorize the application everytime I make a change. So just in case goto the Authorization tab and re-submit your app:

Finally, flip to you administration console, and approve the app:

Let us know if this worked