The bug that hasn't been fixed for a whole year?

Auth Error: Please check the ‘sub’ claim. The ‘sub’ specified is invalid. [400 Bad Request] invalid_grant - Please check the ‘sub’ claim. The ‘sub’ specified is invalid.

Hi @uptimum

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Not sure what bug are you talking about…

Can you elaborate?

Looks like you are having issues with a JWT application, and I’ve been working with JWT authentication just fine.

I wonder if you are referring to the free developer account not being available for some time. If that is the case, they are back, so you can create as many CCG or JWT apps as you like from a free developer account.

Let us know

Hi @rbarbosa

That’s right, I have completed the code to run with the dev token however it doesn’t work with JWT, probably because of the free account, right?

I need confirmation.

Thank you for reading my problem.

Hi @uptimum

Sounds like it.

You can quickly check if this by looking at your main app:

If you do not see the Admin console button in the lower left corner, then you wont be able to use the JWT or CCG authentication.

We do provide free developer accounts where this is available.

If it suites you, you can get a free developer account.

Let us know what would work best for you

Hi @rbarbosa

My main app doesn’t actually have an admin console, it’s just a dev console.
CleanShot 2024-06-01 at 09.00.38

I would be very grateful to you if You could tell me how I can get the admin console for free.

Thank you very much

Hi @uptimum ,

Ideally you would just create another account, a free developer account, would that work for you?