Box Intergration Always Redirect to Box For EMM

I have an Intergrated Box Application,
Recently, on iPad, when User Clicks the Intergrated Menu at Browser(Safari, Edge, Chrome),
It is not open the URL which I set as usually,
But Always Starte Box For EMM.

Hi @User1717 , welcome to the forum.

I’m trying to get you some help from our mobile experts.

In the mean time can you elaborate a bit more your question?

Can you help us replicate your situation?

Dear @rbarbosa,
Good Day.
Thank you for your reply.

I have a Box App,
It has a Integrations.
Supported File Extensions is 3D files(Like : ifc, rvt, dwg, nwd, stp…)
Permissions Requirement is Download…
Integration Scopes is The parent folder…
And Client Callback URL is redirect to my Forge Viewer Site.
Callback Parameters is auth_code, file_id, file_extension.
Then users can view the file in Forge Viewer by the parameters.

We have used this App Integrations for 2 years on iPad (iPad, Pro or Air),
Some Users can not use Edge to Redirect to my Site, Once Click, it start Box For EMM.
At first, we suggest users to use safari to Use the integrations menu,
But, Also there are users using safari with the same issue, not Redirect to the site in Browser, But Start Box For EMM.

And also some users can successful using it as usual.