Downscope Box User token on Folder based on Role


Is it possible to Downscope the Box token with java sdk for one folder only if that user is collaborator on multiple folders?

root folder → folder 1 → folder x
| | → folder y → more child folders and files
| | → folder z → more child folders and files
→ folder 2 → folder a
| → folder b → more child folders and files

(in case format messed up. folder x,y and z are the child folder of folder 1. folder a and b is child folder of folder 2. Folder 1 and 2 is child folders of root folder.)

If user “ABC” is collaborated on “folder y”, “folder z” and “folder b”, can we downscope token to show only “folder y”, and “folder z” and not “folder b” on the box ui element with the existing role?
Say user “ABC” has “editor” role on “folder y”, and “folder z”.