Events API filters and rate limits

Hi all,
I was wondering whether the Events API call has the same rate limits as described here.
Due to its potential huge-size in enterprise environments, i wondered if it really falls under the 100K per month for an enterprise for example.
If an enterprise with a lot of users has a SIEM tool and a few more integrated tools, this can be reached easily.

Also - how the rate limiting of a client-credentials authenticated app is measured? is the app considered as a “user”?

Another question i had, is whether i can filter out events based on their type (for example filter out login events etc).

Thanks a lot.


Yes. All stated rate limits are valid for all API endpoints.

In terms of the 100k per month, that limit is a soft one. As in, the service wouldn’t just stop working. If you begin to exceed your allotment, the sales team will reach out to true up later. If you would like to pre-buy more, you can do that via the sales team as well. That “limit” is per enterprise as well. So, let’s say you develop an application - then another Box instance uses that application in their environment - the calls would be charged to that instance not your original one. This is a common question from developers making apps that go into our app center.

For a cc app, yes. Once the admin authorizes the application, a service account that represents the application is automatically created. Any standard calls made will be as the app service account. If you make what are called as-user api calls, the calls would be made as whatever user you input. Note though, that this requires the app to have the right permissions given to it in the app configuration.

Some of the stream options allow for filtering as described here. Our Postman collection is a great tool for testing out the event stream!

Overall, it sounds like you might be new to Box development. I would highly recommend going through our new Learn Box Platform section. Lots of helpful tips there!

Alex, Box Developer Advocate

Thanks mate!
I read the docs, but wanted to make sure I understood correctly, thanks for making this more clear to me :slight_smile:
However, I did not see the option to filter out (exclude) events, only to specify the ones i want (include).

Thanks again.

Hi Alex,
In your experience, is there an ideal polling frequency which gives timely delivery of events, but not over excessive consumption of API calls?

Maybe you have a feel for what frequency most apps poll at that when they consume these Admin Event APIs.