Get original image dimensions


I can query for various thumbnail representations of an uploaded image, but is there any endpoint/query that will return the original dimensions of the file?


Hi, welcome to the forum!

We don’t have that functionality currently available in the Box Platform API.

I’ve played with a similar concept for movies, using a media file library that would be able to introspect the movie and populate its metadata in Box.

The cool part about this is that the library only needed the first few kbytes, to identify the movie properties, so it was not necessary to download giga bytes of data.

Perhaps you can implement something similar.

For what is worth here is an article about that use case:

On a side note, if you feel this is something that should be present in Box, please do send product feedback using Box Pulse. This is how our product managers track ideas to help shape the product road map.

Let us know if this helps.