Is there a best practice for a lambda to copy files that appear in an S3 to box?

I feel like this is likely a pretty common/simple use case. These docs are 7 years old and unsurprisingly have invalid instructions: samples/box-node-lambda-sample/ at master · box/samples · GitHub, is there a good way to adapt them to modern day?

Hi There.

Yes Those are very old and should probably be updated. Thank you for bubbling this up again!

We don’t have much sample code readily available for Lambda. I can add it to the list.

There is a Serverless based Lamaba Box Skill example here - box-custom-skills-starter/box-custom-skills-starter-aws at main · box-community/box-custom-skills-starter · GitHub … but that’s not for your specific use case.

You might look into Box Shuttle -