Network drive Old files move to Box: Automation topic

Hi all,
I have a requirement where we need to move files from a network drive to a folder in Box based on few conditions.

Conditions are:

  1. Files which are not accessed for more than 90 days should move to box, while retaining the folder structure that it had on Network drive.
    Not creating duplicate folders for each file, but creating sub folders if needed.
  2. Those who had permission on that file should carry over to box as well.
  3. Once the file is moved to Box, delete the file from network drive.
  4. If this can be automated to run weekly.

Any ideas, suggestions. Appreciate it. Thanks

Hi @user179 , welcome to the forum.

You have several options to consider:

  • Use Box CLI in a script
  • Use one of the SDKs, for example Python
  • Use Box Shuttle

For box shuttle consider this document:

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards