There was a delay in file synchronization.


I’m using the cloudsync by synology for mirroring files.

On 29/11/2023, I have noticed that one or two out of ten files are synced after 4 hours since the files was uploaded to the Box(Others was synced immediately).
That problem persists for half a day.

After some investigation, I have got to know that cloudsync uses the box event api and the event was delayed.
I got the event data below by calling the api using curl command.
The event data shows that recorded_at is about 4 hours later than created_at.

    "type": "event",
    "event_id": "6a6e8892b56aa016e60dac75973e3c16ac06148f",
    "created_at": "2023-11-29T23:42:29-08:00",
    "recorded_at": "2023-11-30T03:43:23-08:00",
    "event_type": "ITEM_UPLOAD",
    "session_id": "v5wegwhkd6bo63sk",

Now, I have the following questions below.

How often does similar event delay occurs?

How long is max expected event delay?



I think support is better qualified to answer this question. Please use the link below to open a support case.

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate it. Understood