Reinstate the deleted app or help remove the public key from Box?

I’m integrating Box with Bubble and I deleted my Box app and tried to associate my Bubble account with a newly created Box app. But I’m getting a “public key already in use” message despite having already deleted the previous Box app. Am trying to get in touch with someone at Box Support to either reinstate the deleted app or help remove the public key from Box’s system. Bubble doesn’t allow me to create a new public key for my app so that is not an option. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like it is possible based on the below post:

But seems I may need some help from someone at Box to do something similar. Thanks.

Hey There! Let me get you in touch with some folks at support that can help. I will get back to you!

Great. Thanks @smartoneinok

Can you confirm the email address attached to an enterprise, the ticket you created with Box Support, or the client id of the application in question? I can’t find it based on the free account you created this forum post with.

That email address is not the one tied a Box Enterprise Instance. Its tied a free Box Account. Free box accounts don’t have access to create support tickets.

Do you have a Box Enterprise account?

Also - It looks like Bubble requires you to make a JWT app… and if your Box instance is a free account it doesn’t have the ability to approve JWT applications due to lack of access to the admin console. In order to use JWT apps, you’d need to upgrade to a business plan or above.

I don’t have one yet but I fully intended to get one. I was just using the free one to test it and see if I could connect it and get it working. If so, then I was going to subscribe to an enterprise account.

And it was only after I started playing around with it that I figured out that I need a JWT app. So I deleted the app in Box thinking I would just make a new one (also thinking that the public key would be deleted from Box’s servers). But then it turns out that I can’t proceed b/c Bubble is finding that the public key they provided me is already in use (and Bubble won’t create a new one for me).

So that’s kind of where I’m at. So does that mean I should convert my account to an enterprise account so I can get support help?


And does it have to be an Enterprise account (with a minimum of 3 seats)? Or does a Business account also get access to support? Thanks again.

Here’s what I can do for now. I will change you to a “free developer account.” this will allow you to test out the functionality in that it will allow you to authorize the jwt application. I do still need the client id of the application you made so i can remove the old key

Ok thanks. But I don’t have the client id of the application. Stupidly I deleted it without writing that down. The only info I could find is the time and date when I deleted it. Not sure if this helps

Ah! I will need that to delete the key. I will need to do some more digging.

Alright. We reinstated the deleted application. you should be able to go in and delete the key now!

Great! Thanks Alex. I really appreciate the help!